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Blog...Sunset? Sunrise?

This blog will be used to present evidence of what I believe I see happening...
                                             A SONRISE!!!
While the headlines betray that vision...I'm looking BEHIND THE HEADLINES!
I will try my best to share what I find...and certainly invite any input from others.
There's a lot of info out there...I urge you to do your OWN homework and research, and I will
share here what I am finding as God leads.  PRAY...LISTEN...and LOOK!

Tuesday, September 29 2020
Blacks and Cubans Love Trump

Blacks and Cuban Americans are seriously AWAKE and voicing their support for our President.
Here are 2 short clips showing - again - what the media will not.

Cubans at the White House

Black man testimony

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Tuesday, September 22 2020
Help with Witnessing...good stuff!

Do you need a little help with 'witnessing' ?  It can be daunting sometimes. This 8minute video demonstrates a very simple conversation that looks like has quite a bit of success.  It's a creative way to move around in our world and engage people in a conversation that could change their world!  I believe everyone has to follow their own leading from God, but this particular approach could very well work for those who need an example of something that had a positive outcome with a total stranger.

We are commissioned by Jesus to go and share His message.  We have what I believe is a short window left in history.  We will be counted.  People are perishing...and I believe they REALLY DO want the TRUTH.    Just look around.

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Friday, September 11 2020

THIS IS A MUST SEE!!!  (5min vid from mid Aug)
Trump BOAT PARADES are happening EVERYWHERE!!!  Lots of videos being made showing the outrageous support swelling on the waters of our country.  This company is putting together some great ones...editing skills, music!  If you're really praying for America...this one will MAKE YOU CRY!!!  ENJOY...and encourage these guys to keep it up!


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