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Blog...Sunset? Sunrise?

This blog will be used to present evidence of what I believe I see happening...
                                             A SONRISE!!!
While the headlines betray that vision...I'm looking BEHIND THE HEADLINES!
I will try my best to share what I find...and certainly invite any input from others.
There's a lot of info out there...I urge you to do your OWN homework and research, and I will
share here what I am finding as God leads.  PRAY...LISTEN...and LOOK!

Wednesday, July 08 2020


The following was copied with consent from a communication I recieved from a sister in Christ...confirmation to me that we are on the right track here.

"…this really speaks to my heart as I have been praying and praying from 2 Chronicles 7:14 for months and have been confused as to why so few from the pulpit are teaching this verse and calling us to pray.  The Lord then spoke to my heart to pray for His people to rise up and speak.  And reading and seeing the beautiful artistry illustrates God’s always perfect plans and His message to the hearts of every one of His children...we need to rise up, pray without ceasing, and speak His Truth from His Word in agreement.

In the verse prior to 2 Chronicles 7:14, God speaks about shutting up heaven and there will be no rain.  Here’s what the Lord spoke to my heart weeks ago and I have been praying based on what’s going on today:  there is a drought on our land today of the living water of Jesus.  So I pray for His living water to fill the hearts of His creation, as this is our current-day drought that needs to be healed. 

Then the Lord speaks of locusts to devour the land, and He showed me that the locusts happening now is the lawlessness which is devouring our land, causing destruction to our land (just look at recent pictures throughout the land to see how much destruction, devouring, and harm that is being inflicted) much like the locusts in this verse and as we read in Revelation.  So I have been praying against this lawlessness.  And we know from 1 John 3:4, that “sin is lawlessness.”  

And the last part of 2 Chronicles 7:13, speaks of the plague or pestilence upon the land, and the Lord revealed this as our current day coronavirus. And so I humbly pray and pray for the Lord’s healing of our current day pestilence, coronavirus. 

May we continue to pray and pray each day from the Lord’s perfect Word as He has lovingly spoken to us, in His Word, as to what we must do for healing of this land, and more importantly for healing of the hearts of His creation. We are called to be obedient to what He has spoken."

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