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Blog...Sunset? Sunrise?

This blog will be used to present evidence of what I believe I see happening...
                                             A SONRISE!!!
While the headlines betray that vision...I'm looking BEHIND THE HEADLINES!
I will try my best to share what I find...and certainly invite any input from others.
There's a lot of info out there...I urge you to do your OWN homework and research, and I will
share here what I am finding as God leads.  PRAY...LISTEN...and LOOK!

Thursday, July 30 2020

We have an AMAZING PRESIDENT who is SO FOCUSED!  Just wanted to share only one of many meetings he has conducted to convey
his message and keep people informed of what he is doing.  Unfortunately, the media just won't let you see this stuff.  

We need to be encouraged that amid all the turmoil this man goes through, he just keeps moving forward in his mission to right wrongs.
and is SUCH an example of leadership...beyond words.

We need to KEEP THIS MAN IN OUR PRAYERS DAILY!  Help pass this message on!  We all need to do our part and help others who don't yet
see - what is really going on!

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