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Blog...Sunset? Sunrise?

This blog will be used to present evidence of what I believe I see happening...
                                             A SONRISE!!!
While the headlines betray that vision...I'm looking BEHIND THE HEADLINES!
I will try my best to share what I find...and certainly invite any input from others.
There's a lot of info out there...I urge you to do your OWN homework and research, and I will
share here what I am finding as God leads.  PRAY...LISTEN...and LOOK!

Saturday, August 29 2020

Lance Wallnau asks WHERE'S THE CHURCH???  This 35min video is WORTH YOUR TIME.  Lance is entertaining but DEAD SERIOUS with his message to believers. He is the author of "God's Chaos Candidate", very popular speaker with access to President Trump.  Get a cup of coffee for this important message to the church, you, and your friends need to hear. 

For those unfamiliar with Lance, PLEASE VIEW 9MIN VIDEO 1ST... other 2 vids give you further insight to his style and heart. 
I personally love this guy and believe he is being used by God for a big purpose.  I invite you to visit his website and let God lead you to further explore and understand what he is doing.  Deep, funny, incredible insight.  Solid in the Word.   9min intro to Lance     4 min Prayer breakfast (funny)           18 min Another Prayer bkfast and current events (May 2020) 
                            35 min...CURRENT...rambling, funny, SERIOUS...'WHERE'S THE CHURCH???

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