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Blog...Sunset? Sunrise?

This blog will be used to present evidence of what I believe I see happening...
                                             A SONRISE!!!
While the headlines betray that vision...I'm looking BEHIND THE HEADLINES!
I will try my best to share what I find...and certainly invite any input from others.
There's a lot of info out there...I urge you to do your OWN homework and research, and I will
share here what I am finding as God leads.  PRAY...LISTEN...and LOOK!

Tuesday, September 22 2020
Help with Witnessing...good stuff!

Do you need a little help with 'witnessing' ?  It can be daunting sometimes. This 8minute video demonstrates a very simple conversation that looks like has quite a bit of success.  It's a creative way to move around in our world and engage people in a conversation that could change their world!  I believe everyone has to follow their own leading from God, but this particular approach could very well work for those who need an example of something that had a positive outcome with a total stranger.

We are commissioned by Jesus to go and share His message.  We have what I believe is a short window left in history.  We will be counted.  People are perishing...and I believe they REALLY DO want the TRUTH.    Just look around.

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